Being a Woman in 2019

Dec 31, 2018 | Social

No I am not getting pregnant any time soon bitch.

We live in a very interesting time in history especially in the United States of American. Historically, it is the best time ever for being a woman. Now of course there are many areas that still need to be improved in other countries but even here in America. We are not going to talk about how things need to change, this subject is trending and you can look that up elsewhere. I am however going to talk about how lucky I am to be in the USA as a woman and am enjoying it! (Positivity here people!) Here is a list of reasons why being a woman in 2019 should make us thankful and grateful and not be so bitchy all the time.

1. Freedom

As a woman, I am free to do whatever my little heart desires. If I want to go to school, I can. If I want to get a job, I can. If I want to drive a car, I can. If I want to vote for congress, I can. If I want to stay at home all day and have kids, I can. If I want to write a blog about how there are too many bitches in the world, I can.  No one in my country (expect maybe my parents lol) are forcing me to do something I do not want to do. So many countries around the world today, this is not their reality. Women in history have fought so hard for this “little” thing and I am so grateful for it. I will also be taking full advantage of these opportunities to fulfill my heart’s desire and follow my chosen life purpose. You should too.


2. Dating

Wow, remember when there was no such thing? When parents chose the best husband for their daughter? This still exists in some cultures. Luckily for us, in American culture, we get to choose who we want to date and date as many people as we’d like! Some may argue this may or may not be the best thing for relationships. Or is this lucky for us? Reportedly arranged marriages have less than 4% divorce rate meanwhile, marriages for love are at a whopping 40% divorce rate. [1] Maybe this tradition could help out the American marriage culture. That is another topic for another blog post.  But the fact that there is no stigma for the amount of partners men or woman have these days, is something that was not accepted 50 years ago. Dating is supposed to be fun, and it is! So many people take it so seriously now and are totally ruining the fun factor. RELAX AND ENJOY IT BITCHES!


3. Jobs

YES, in many jobs women are not getting equally paid as men in the exact same position and this just isn’t fair. BUT, can we at least stop and take a moment to be completely grateful that women are IN THOSE POSITIONS in the first place! So many women are leading bosses in companies or entrepreneurs. I know! My mother was one. In a time that was wayyyyy less acceptable. Was she getting equally paid? Probably not, did she moan about it? No. She busted her ass continuously and made a pretty awesome life for herself and her family. A little tip from her: “You get more respect from working hard and proving your worth, than bitching and moaning at how it’s not fair and you deserve more.”


4. Physical expression

Fashion and beauty styles are such an interesting cultural idea. One style in one part of the world might be completely the opposite trend on the other side of the world. One thing is for sure, that we are now free to express ourselves in some pretty extravagant ways. Some places allowing nude beaches all the way to a gay pride parade in downtown LA flashing penis and vagina signs. Certain countries would not allow such expression. Just being given that opportunity is something to celebrate!


5. Human Equality

Men and women are considered equal. In most cases. Technically there is not something that a man can do that a woman cannot. Such as voting, driving, learning, etc. (except the obvious physical issues: giving birth to a child or continually reproducing sperm until death.)  I’m sure there is an argument or case where there has been some inequality situation. But overall, this country has made huge leaps comparing to other countries in the world.

6. Choice of Motherhood

Motherhood is one of the main joys in life, they say. What a beautiful stage in life that we are now able to decide how, with who, and when the best time to bring another human into this world.  I will not personally comment on this because I can’t, but I will say that it may be one of the easier things on the list to accomplish. (Just trying to be real here people.) Unless your body is struggling internally in the reproductive area, any girl can go downtown tonight and get pregnant. Sorry boys, you’re predictable.  So, let’s try to be conscious of this when this might be the only “thing” you accomplished this year. Approximately 50% of pregnancies in the US are unplanned and 43% will end in abortion.  [2]  I’m not so sure we can consider an unplanned pregnancy something to congratulate. You didn’t work towards that “accomplishment”. Yet so many women are constantly asked (in a negative way) why they haven’t had kids, as if it is the only goal in life. Ppuuullleeeaassee! After all the hard work women in our history have fought to achieve on this list, the least we can do is be grateful and honor our current reality. The topic with least amount of effort on this least can be last on women’s list in 2019 and they shouldn’t feel bad about it! Being able to choose, as a woman in 2019 if and when motherhood will be in their life, is an option that should be celebrated not looked down upon.


Wwwhhhheeeewwww!! Glad we got that out! Here are some questions you might be asking women in 2019. I urge you to reconsider….

  1. Why are you single? Because I want to be bitch.
  2. When are you getting married? Whenever the hell I want to.
  3. Why don’t you want to be a house wife? Because maybe I want to have a career.
  4. When are you going to have a baby? I have two with fur!


Please, if you are one of these people that feels the need to ask these types of questions to a woman in today’s world, hold your tongue. #bitchesetiquette Not all woman will be able to articulate everything I have just covered. But they will surely feel uncomfortable, angry, upset, depressed, anxious or nervous. Either you are ignorant, you want them to feel this way, or you are just an intrusive bitch. In reality, you just look uneducated in the world of what it means being a woman in 2019. Instead, stay focused on yourself, set some goals, congratulate others on their success, and allow people to open up their lives to you by choice, not by being an intrusive bitch asking ridiculous outdated questions. Being a woman in 2019 in America is pretty awesome! And you best believe we will enjoy what is has to offer! Happy New Year and kick ass bitches!!





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