Valentine’s Day Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Feb 10, 2019 | Lifestyle

Valentine’s Day Etiquette


Before we go into Valentine’s Day Etiquette let’s have a little history lesson, because I’m sure half of these bees don’t even know why we celebrate the holiday. I was one of them! Valentine’s day is a religious holiday celebrating the Saint Valentine of Rome. Martyrdom stories associated include his imprisonment due to performing marriage ceremonies to soldiers that were forbidden to marry. He also converted people to Christianity and aided Christians being persecuted in Roman under Claudius. If you’d like to further your educational knowledge about the Saint Valentine, here is a quick description from good ol Wikipedia.[1] (yes I am aware this technically is not the best source) So fine here is another.[2]

Cupid on the other hand is a much more historically interesting character and has no relationship to Saint Valentine. He comes from Greek and Roman mythology as the son of love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. He is the god of desire, love, attraction and affection. The character is found throughout history with little changes but always being a symbol of love. He has two separate arrows that he might shoot. The golden arrow that will fill the victim with love or the lead arrow that will be filled with desire to leave.[3]

Now on to the Valentine’s Day Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts of this overly emphasized holiday. I realized this holiday has created an immense amount of pressure here in the US.  I am here to clear things up for everyone and say all of the things girls AND guys wish they could say. Let’s begin.


Valentine’s Day Etiquette DO’s

1. Get a little something for whomever you are feeling love for at that moment

If you are in a romantic relationship with someone, it is definitely your responsibility to spend 5 minutes and rustle something up. I know, I know even if you despise the holiday, which many people do, don’t be a hater. It’s ugly. Go grab some computer paper fold it in half, and write a sweet little poem. Literally doesn’t cost anything!


2. Plan to do something

Since our culture makes such a big deal out of it, make sure to plan something. Even if you are single, get a bottle of wine and take a bubble bath celebrating self love. Then you will have been proactive. If you are a queen in a relationship, plan something for your man. Or tell him what you think might be fun! Same with guys, plan to go to dinner, make dinner, etc. Something nice to spend time together celebrating your love. Don’t just be the expecting queen. You are setting yourself for disappointment.


3. Be grateful for whatever someone does for you!

If anyone in your life decides to take time out of their lives to do/buy something nice for you, then be so appreciative! Enjoy the moment. Tell them how much you appreciate it and how much it means to you. That is mostly all they want to hear anyways. NO need to go post it on social media either! This does not show them how much you love it! It only is making it harder for someone else on social media that isn’t getting the same treatment. Keep these moments PRIVATE! For everyone’s sake!


4. Stay focused on the things that really matter in life

Yes, this holiday might seem like a big deal, but trust me, life goes on. The day after no body really cares. No body is even celebrating the religious tradition as it was truly meant to be remembered. Remember the important things that are going on in your life.


Valentine’s Day Etiquette Don’ts

1. Don’t judge yourself in any certain way!

So many women become extremely depressed on this holiday if they are single! STOP RIGHT NOW! That is just ridiculous and a waste of emotion. Tell yourself something you love about you, and then go watch shark tank. Stay focused on bettering yourself and being the best person, you can bee! A Queen bee that is…!

2. Don’t judge anyone else either!

Yes queens, do not put others down! Which I know you aren’t, because that would just be so rude! Everyone is dealing with something going on starting the new year. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, and certainly do NOT compare everyone’s social media posts about what their lover did for them! Honestly, let’s try and NOT put our special moments on social media! No body cares Susan that your hubby got you flowers and a card…seriously.


3. Don’t put so much pressure on the night or situations

Especially the wanna bee Queens. Like the ones, expecting a Louis Vuitton purse with a candle lit dinner at sunset with rose pedals all throughout the house. Meanwhile, they didn’t plan shit for the poor bloke, except a $0.05 hallmark card. Ha. What a joke! This is 2019 bees, we are equal right? Well then put in the same romantic effort that you expect! And another thing, don’t expect this kind of shit on the movies! Ain’t no normal guy got time for that! He’s too busy busting his ass at work trying to buy that stupid purse! When you put your expectations high, you are only looking to be let down, which will end up in a fight. Same ol story.


4. Don’t feel pressured into having sex with someone

No matter the situation, you should never feel pressured into sex with anyone ever! I don’t care how much the dinner cost, or the gifts that he or she “chose” to buy. This does not mean you get a free pass and go straight to pleasure island. Sorry friends, it just doesn’t work this way. Even on this day celebrating “love.”  

5. Don’t ask people that are single what their plans are…let them tell you their plans

That ain’t none ya business! So many intrusive bees buzzin’ around these days! Drives me crazy!!! If you are sooooo interested say something like “do you have any plans this week?’” Then if they really don’t feel like telling you details, well then they will tell you about their Sunday brunch with their mom and that’s it! Stay focused on your own plans.


6. Don’t spend a bunch of money on a first (or second date) for V-day

This Valentine’s Day Etiquette Don’t  typically goes toward guys because sometimes they get confused on the etiquette of the holiday. They think girls want a crazy romantic evening. (which most bitches do…) so they go all out to try to impress them and yet, it backfires. They think, “Wow this guy went all out. He must be really desperate. Probably a psycho. I don’t think I’ll call him again.” And there goes another potential relationship down the drain due to  bitches without etiquette.


7. Do not use some poor guy to take you out for Valentine’s Day when you know you will not see him again!

I’m not sure this is a thing in the rest of the US but in LA, well it is. Bitches are in full force! So many people are obsessed with social media, they just want the night to post something online. Do they really care or like the donkey that asked them out? Maybe, maybe not. Doesn’t matter. They served the purpose of going out on a date. The end. If you are this bitch and think it’s OK, let me just cue you in on a little secret. Karma is a bigger bitch than you will ever be. And your long-lost journey of finding a lover will turn into your life’s journey while still trying to find your soul. Good luck.


Valentine’s Day Etiquette Gift Ideas for Her


0-6 months relationship

  • flowers 12 MAX, I recommend 6 Roses
  • chocolates
  • a romantic card

6-1 year

  • Sexy lingerie
  • Make special food
  • Makeup (ask the girl at Sephora)

1-3 years

  • Coffee mug with picture
  • Small piece of jewelry (her style)
  • Spa gift card

4+ years


Valentine’s Day Etiquette Gift Ideas for Him


0-6 months

  • His favorite candy
  • A card
  • Make a cake or cookies

6 m -1 year

  • Funny Boxers
  • Make special dinner
  • Create a bucket list of things you want to do together (next 6 months)

1-3 years

4+ years 

  • Squatty potty – nothing says I love you like “I hope you poop better”
  • Sexy toys for the bedroom
  • Something Hobby related Ex: Sports






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