8 Tips for Gym Etiquette Bitches in 2019

Jan 30, 2019 | Fashion

 8 Tips for Gym Etiquette in 2019 


Let’s start with the dress code for Gym Etiquette. The purpose of going to a gym facility is to work our body in different physical positions. Ways that we wouldn’t normally at home or at work. Moving in ways such as stretching and bending. Also ways to work muscles that don’t get worked with everyday walking, and working our body to the point of working up a sweat. With that in mind, we want to wear clothes that will either help promote these activities, make the activity more comfortable, or increase the number of quality of the workout. Even though these are the main goals, there should always be structure and discipline. Which is something that my entire blog is revolved around. Read more about that here.


Recommended Gym Etiquette Clothing 

  1. Clothes that allow your body to move easily with good support. Ex: Stretchy clothes, supporting bra, sneakers with good soles and lace.

2. CLEAN! If you can smell yourself or your clothes, so can everyone else. It is out of respect of other people that you don’t smell like a rotten foot. Not to mention how many diseases and infection are passed at the gym from people being unclean. I have gotten numerous fungal infections from the gym. Specifically, from the mats. (Beware) Which now has taught me to dress completely covered, in any temperature. AND DON’T FART! Seriously, your protein shake might do more than inflate your ego. Step outside or into a bathroom!

3. Not too revealing. It blows my mind how specifically girls wear clothes that potentially are underwear. Hence the name “under wear.” If you can see your nipples and the shape of your kitty trust me, guys around aren’t looking at your pretty face. They are also imagining really nasty things about that body. That’s just what guys do. If we wouldn’t wear that to Trader Joe’s, then why are we wearing it to the gym, where you will be obnoxiously bent over to lift weights or stretch? Oh and we can see a thong? Oooppsss Thanks Instagram influencers, most girls aren’t in perfect shape at the gym or making videos, but somehow, they want to wear what you are wearing. Bad role model if you ask me.

4. NO See through, thin, or light colored leggings. Not sure if y’all know this, but vaginas sweat. Gross, I know. So, if you aren’t going to wear underwear with light grey leggings, then proceed to bend over and do squats, there will be a bulls eye for all surrounding males searching for their targets from your vag stain. If you are screaming for attention, well then this is the best way, if you are wanting to save your dignity, then go with some panties and some black leggings. BTW Vag sweat has a smell. Even more gross.

5. Now before y’all get too crazy about me being body shaming woman bull shit, some things are meant to be private. That’s what makes it special. If nothing is private, then you have given everything away the world.  And that my queens, is a scary reality.



Social Gym Etiquette:

6. Be courteous. Put the equipment back on the rack. Clean up your nasty sweat if you made a mess. Other people are using those things too!

7. SMILE! Weird, what a concept! Making friends at the gym is a great place! Or even meeting lovers! A place where you have something in common. Health and fitness! Somewhere that you don’t constantly need to be comparing and judging the person next to you. Let’s start a new thing where if you see someone that looks good, say “hey girl, you look really great! Good muscle definition!” Instantly a new friend!

8. Don’t stink! I have to put this one on again. Wear some kind of deodorant people. Even all-natural deodorants are getting really good these days. There is no excuse! And this just happened yesterday, changing your nasty shoes?! Really, if you really think you need special shoes for your special lift, well pluuuleaseeee don’t do that shit so the entire area can smell your athletes foot!


Now start this year off kicking some ass at the gym, making friends and using some easy gym etiquette to make sure you aren’t making anyone so uncomfortable. Now, if you don’t give a shit about anybody else and you are selfish and self absorbed, then there is no need to read any more about etiquette. You can just go live in isolation because you don’t want to live in a polite society. To everyone else, good for you for wanting to better yourself, your lifestyle, and your relationships with others. Cheers!

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