Are you a Queen Bitch?

Apr 19, 2018 | Social

Are you a Queen BITCH?

  • Do people often call you a queen bitch?
  • Are you struggling to find or keep your relationship balanced?
  • Do your relationships fall apart and wonder if it’s you?

Well don’t you worry girl…we have ALL been there! Lucky for you some of us (me) grew up quickly and learned a few lessons. I didn’t know how passionate I was about the topic until I started noticing the wrong behaviors all around me. I have now dedicated the entire blog to just that: BITCHES. (terminology of this word in this post) Keep reading and we will go over a few things to help us bees stay on track, and not fall into the basic bee trap that the media has so perfectly laid out for us.

As I sit and watch so many of my close friends and family struggle in their lives in many different areas, I seem to have noticed a few commonalities. Now please ladies, don’t take this the wrong way… but WE ARE THE PROBLEM! Yes, you read that right, WOMEN are the problem but we are also the ANSWER. Since this topic has so many different levels, (hence starting a blog focused on just this) I want to focus on the girls (and Guys) I hope to target and HELP. Keep reading…and see if you are triggered by any of the following descriptions.


The social media lost soul

Welcome to the millennial era. This is a pretty self-explanatory section. We all have at least one person in our circle that is the social media addict. Posting non-stop. Snap chatting every moment of their daily life. Posting provocative pictures online, and value themselves based on how many likes and followers they have on social media platforms. Going to lunch with these people, is like going to lunch alone, since they are constantly on the phone.


My shit don’t stink Bee

Sometimes these bees are easy to spot just on the surface, and sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to discover the Sh*t. These people are unfortunately almost impossible to have a real relationship with because they will NEVER say sorry or that they are wrong. Any realistic relationship cannot survive in such conditions.



The Faker

These bees are way more common than they should be. Especially in the LA and surrounding areas. Everything is fake, from their eyelashes, to their hair extensions, to their implanted boobs and lips, to their Louis Vuitton purse, to the relationships, to even their orgasms.  True friendships are not a typical thing. They smile and give air hugs when they see each other, but then when it comes to actually calling or reaching out, they flake. They are busy. They are only there when it is convenient for them. The only person that this ends up hurting, is themselves.


Trophy GF Wanna Bee AKA Gold Digger

The wanna be trophy gf (not even wife) has to be one that really lights my fire. The bees that think they deserve a sugar daddy that will take care of them and all of their problems, simply because they are “pretty.” Or even having a sexual relationship as well. Well if this doesn’t degrade us as woman than I don’t know what else can. This sole idea insinuates that we as woman only offer beauty and a hole. And this deserves reward and a rich lifestyle. It’s sickening, and disgusts me when I see any post on social media, even making the joke. The ironic thing about this is, rich guys (in general) don’t WANT a pretty girl to just take care of. Maybe old and lonely guys do, but for the most part, sharks want to swim with other sharks. Trust me…. It’s just the way it works. Hence why these wannabes won’t even swim in the same tank.


The passionate fighter

These bees secretly make me laugh. It’s counter intuitive. “Let’s have a passionate fight so that we can make up. It will make us stronger.” WRONG. Fighting is never ok. If you have a disagreement in a calm and mature way that’s different. But yelling, screaming, saying things we don’t mean, and calling each other names only to have hair pulling aggressive makeup sex like you see in the movies, is a fantasy. I personally have asked multiple guys if they like this kind of game and their answer is NO. Just skip the fighting and get to the great sex!


Mr./Mrs. Right

This bee is pretty close to the same thing as the rosy poop bee we already discussed. When miss smarty pants is never wrong, that ego will kill everything around it, even themselves.


The Teen Bee

The youngster acting out. Wanting to find themselves. Growing into their bodies. But really needing guidance, love, and structure.


The hormonal hot mess

Now I am a woman. I have a menstrual cycle. I can get moody one or two days out of the month. Which I usually don’t have complete control over. I’m talking about the bee that smiles to your face and within a 5-minute span, she is screaming and then crying, happy, and then sad. The bee that guys are so scared they will do something wrong and are always walking on egg shells. The bee everyone stays away from because they know they are just a loaded gun waiting to go off. The bee that says one thing but then means another and expects you to be a mind reader.


The emotional mess (slight difference from the previous)

This bee… (covers face in embarrassment) When she starts screaming, then crying in public…after one too many tequila shots. Now we can go ahead and blame it on the tequila. But when we’re at home in our safe zone and these emotional moods swing in hot for no reason like a hurricane from The Notebook, well unfortunately no one likes a psycho. Also, this bee over reacts to the little things usually stemming from low self-esteem issues, resulting in an overly emotional response.


Single and don’t want to mingle

SO many bees complain that they are single. They hate dating, and when they do go on dates they make up their mind in about 5 minutes if they like the other person based on all superficial characteristics. Oh, and they think they are perfect.


The bossy Bee

In other words, the dictator. As well as the control bee, always wanting to make sure they have control over everything. On the other end of this relationship, lies a sad little bee constantly being told what to do and in turn is secretly unhappy eventually leading to a separation.



Mother and Daughter Bees

Sometimes when there are too many queens in the hive, we have problems. Luckily, there is plenty of space to rule in this world. We all need a healthy relationship with moms and daughters in our lives, even the mother/daughter-in-law.


The cheater

Somewhere out there someone has learned to give excuses for such behavior. Now I know every situation is different. So, I will just point out the “worst” scenario. The cheater, that continues to cheat, like it’s a game. Basically, wanting the cake and eating it too. Cheating is never acceptable. I understand things happen. But let’s just remind everyone that in a marriage, this is not allowed in ANY religious practice. Maybe there is a reason?


Your undecided Bee

This simple shy bee, isn’t quite sure where she is going in her life, so she sticks to her other bees like honey. She isn’t really running her own train, or focused on a life goal. These bees can be easily manipulated and can get into trouble. Anything displayed on the media is highly susceptible to repeating.  “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”



The overly confident Bee

Giiiiirrrrrllllll, I look good! Ok, ok, I’m all about promoting self love here. But women can be arrogant just as much as men can. We just use another word for that…


The attention whore AKA needy Bee

Unfortunately this bee lies deep within us all, and can come flying out in the most unexpected of times. These bees can go above and beyond to grab some attention, but can also just be upset and cause a scene for being left out. This is something that constantly needs to be in check as it can ruin a lot of relationships.  



The Delusional Bee

These bees are highly dangerous. They tend to “read into” situations creating a false reality. “You said I was fat!” and the boyfriend responds, “no I didn’t. I never said that.”  “well that’s what you were thinking…” completely manipulating the situation. We are all guilty of the above example…but sadly this idea has multiplied into much worse cases. If not monitored it can be spun into a big mess of a habit.


Jealous and possessive Bee

These bees think that these qualities of control over others and showing jealousy will solve a problem, but this is never the answer. Nothing good comes from this bee. Relationships don’t grow, they shrink. If not careful, very bad things can come from this bee. Don’t believe me? Tune into Dateline.



It’s all about me Bee (selfish and not team player)

These bees are growing in the masses due to the amount of “independence preaching” in the media. When in fact, we are social creatures that are meant to work together as a team. That’s great that you “don’t need no man”, but teams win championships, not players. And there is nothing wrong with needing each other. Teams of queens can be dangerous, but teams of hives, will always win. It’s a numbers game. (As in men and women working TOGETHER.)


The initial hater

I’m not sure if this is a genetic trait or a culturally grown characteristic, but this bee’s first response to anyone is to hate. Their first thought for anyone with good news is to hope they fail, finding weakness, or just pure jealousy. Usually they change their minds after learning more about a person but for whatever reason, their first in-stink is to be a hater.


Dirty Bee

This is a newer developing bee with us as the new days of convenience becomes more prevalent. While we learn so many things should be quick and easy, we have very little patience for pretty much anything these days. For some bees, that falls into areas that can be overlooked. For example: personal hygiene, home care, body respect, or material things. Gross.


The slutty Bee

I don’t think we need to go over the description word used here. This bee tends to dress overly provocative, has had multiple sex partners (above the average), is sexual on social media accounts, and last but not least, flirts with TAKEN men… (IN FRONT OF SIGNIFICANT OTHER). Now some might argue what is considering “slutty” which is where I come to help! A quick rule of thumb is, if your grandma or the queen of a country isn’t doing it, than it’s probably not a good idea.


Immature Bee

These bees I feel might not have been taught the appropriate coping mechanisms for uncomfortable social situations. That is why they respond to uncomfortable issues especialy, with childlike responses. Ex: “Whatever!”  



The millennial Bee (impatient)

Growing up with the internet at our finger tips, we want instant gratification. We do not sit patiently waiting for the website to “load.” Sadly, this concept is leaking into all areas of our lives. This is something that needs to be closely monitored. We have unrealistic expectations in many things. Which can be very damaging especially relationships.


Bimbo Bee

The bee that cares more about material things and which color of nail polish, than what’s going on in the world. This actually isnt the worst thing to deal with, but in relationships, it can cause tension. They become an easy target for criticism.


Badass Bee (Woman focused)

This strong-willed bee, is using her bitchiness to make a statement in the world. Showing, being a woman, with brains, a purpose, and a mission is unstoppable. These bees don’t always have the easy road, but their goal is the most important thing. Careful, for we wont always be liked, treated well, or even rewarded.



Queen Bee

Last but not least this queen is a swarm of every bee all rolled into one. (the perfect storm) To be the ultimate queen we must be able to balance all of these characteristics in a healthy and mature way, which in turn will earn respect from the hive. (Do not confuse this with a queen bitch. That is when all of these characteristics are out of hand!)


Now before you go being defensive, just know that this blog is here to HELP people that may not even know they NEED help. At first your natural reaction will be defense, then anger, then lashing out. But after that takes its course, you will calm down (as all emotional women do) and be able to read and reflect on some of these topics. The first step to any improvement is recognizing that you need to change. (Or work on it)  Everyone needs some work. It’s totally normal to be working on self-improvement. That’s what the smart people do, they try to be better.

If you have identified with any of the profiles listed above, (or all of them = queen bitch) I strongly encourage you to stick around and check out my other content. For awareness, growth, or at least entertainment. Let’s be honest, turn on any reality TV show and some queen bitch there needs a dose of etiquette in their life. But that wouldn’t make for good TV now would it? Unfortunately, people mimic what they see on the media in their everyday lives. And it is wayyyy too often. Reality check people! WE ARE NOT TV SHOW STARS!


Why you ask?   Why change?   Why write this blog?


Because we need discipline in our lives. We need to have boundaries, and standards. People act ridiculous on TV because they can. Or at least they think they can… and then wonder why their real lives are falling apart. “That girl has too much etiquette” said no one ever.  It appears there is a lack of discipline mostly because there isn’t a role model for people to follow. I can only name a few public figures to fall into the category. Unfortunately, there are more of the bad role models that overrule. This will be a space where we show a new, cool, better way to be. There is no more guessing or following the fake reality shows for guidelines. Here you will find it all. Since I’ve been there, it’s my duty to share my knowledge and experiences. If I happen to not have written about your desired topic just yet…send me an email and let me know what you’d love to read about, since there is a lot to cover, I want to hit ALL the areas.

Which Bee are you? Did I leave any out? Or are you the ultimate queen? Let me know if the comments!

P.S. These aren’t gender specific descriptions…Bitches BEEE everywhere!! ?

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