Girl fights- Bitches Please

In honor of all the bad reality TV shows ruining society, we have come upon the topic of Cat fights AKA girl fights,  particularly physically fighting. Somehow this has gone from unheard of, to now a high school somewhere daily there are girl fights, usually with someone videoing it and uploading it to social media.[1]

This is not just for the adolescent girls. You can also turn on Teen Mom’s newest episode on MTV and see this behavior from millennial mothers. Of course people see this as entertainment, but when the entertainment factor wears off, you are left being the trash bag getting your weave ripped out and a tittie stickin out while everyone has it on video. Nice. Let us dive into this much needed topic for Bitches Etiquette.

First let’s start with the only time  girl fighst should ever be acceptable. If you or your loved ones are being threatened for your own safety, you can and should protect yourself at all costs! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into all the reasons why this is not a flattering characteristic for a true lady. (Unless this is your chosen profession. Or you don’t care about living in a civilized society.)


1. It is dangerous!

If involved in a girl fight we could seriously get that pretty little face smashed in! No bitch is worth that trust me! Or worse someone could seriously get injured.


2. There can be lifelong consequences

If the damage is big from a girl fight, there could be charges filed which could result in you having a record. If you are of the age of 18+ you will be in the category of assault charges especially if it is in public or with a stranger. These you can’t hide from! Especially when going for an interview.


3. It is not flattering.

As hard as you might try, you will not look any kind of pretty in  girl fights. Your hair will be flying, makeup smeared, shirt or dress ripping and riding up all kinds, and in the worst cases blood  spewing!


4. It is trashy- animal like (tune in to national geographic if you don’t believe me)

Nowhere in any book are girl fights considered classy or proper etiquette. You will never see high level women having fist fights when they have a disagreement. Men also do not think this is a sexy quality. 9 times out of 10 a man wants a poised women that can handle her business calmly and rationally. (All he’s thinking is “she might do that to me…yikes!”)


5. Representation of yourself

Allowing girl fights to happen is also a representation of yourself. It is showing that you might not be able to handle your emotions or have a calm discussion over a heated topic. This is a red flag for all type of areas; Boss, husband, boyfriend, in-laws, parents, grandparents, children. It might even be a wrong representation of you but once you cross that line, there’s no going back.


Conclusion on Bitchy Cat Fights

The take home message here is that ladies do not fight. Ladies should not ever put their hands on someone else. Men shouldn’t either but their testosterone levels might not always agree. Here we are only discussing women. And even though you see it everywhere on TV I hope that you can remember these points  and choose a different path. Sometimes it is hard when someone is mean or deserves a big smack in the face, but I promise it is not worth it. In the end they say the bigger person wins. This. Is. True. I am living proof of this. I will not point out all the girls that wanted to fight me in my childhood growing up. I will just say that when I look back to see how they are all doing, well let’s just say #winning. Don’t be that girl. Be the better one. Choose to bee better.


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