How to get over a breakup

May 21, 2018 | Lifestyle

First Month Breakup Do’s and Don’ts

Breakups are the worst. Let’s just be real. It feels like your world is crashing down around you. You feel like things won’t ever get better, that you will be single forever. And it’s even worse when you aren’t the one that wants to breakup. Sadly this is a too common situation in our world today. Like the song by Sam Smith says “I’m way too good at goodbye.” In my opinion, this is a very important social situation that should be taught in school. High school and college missed a few key topics that should have had a focus, and THIS is one of them. Since I have had my fare share of long term breakups, (4 to be exact) I thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

Bee’s DO:

  1. Breakup nicely
  2. Say something nice or positive about the relationship
  3. Get a goal list for the next 6 months for yourself
  4. Go out with your friends to disconnect (a couple of drinks, paint night, shopping, etc.)
  5. Stay away from social media (limiting your posts to be very simple-progressive improvements)
  6. Get focused on your health and fitness – “she’s me witness…ohh weee” Fergie
  7. Become clear on your career and future

Bee’s Please DON’T: (it’s not cool or funny as seen on TV)

  1. Scream/ yell throw things, in a bitch fight- (TRY) not to breakup in a fight!
  2. Start posting on social media slutty pictures, dirty laundry rants, pictures with new girls/guys.
  3. Drunk text saying who knows what…FAIL!
  4. Play the sad victim card to get attention
  5. Stock the other, or smother them.
  6. Don’t be desperate to get back together (don’t LOOK desperate) this is very unattractive
  7. Sleep with random partners thinking this will cure your sadness. It might temporarily, but it will only make you feel worse. And fingers crossed you don’t get a STD or pregnant.

These might seem like common sense, but when you’re overwhelmed with emotions, you aren’t always thinking straight. One thing I hate to see is bitches trippin’ after a breakup, doing everything wrong, and looking like a fool. Not only are you confirming the reason for the breakup, you are not doing anything about making them want to get back together. (Some may say that’s the point I don’t care or want to get back together.) That is fine also, but let me tell you a little secret. They best revenge is to be a bad ass bitch, looking amazing, completely happy with an awesome new life! There isn’t anything more rewarding than a pageant wave as you sail off into your fairy tale sunset…

Some self-gifts to get you through

  1. Camera: get out in the outdoors and take photos of nature. This is a great buy!
  2. Yoga mat and carrier: take up yoga to clear your mind, get some exercise, and meet  new people.
  3. Book a plane ticket to anywhere new!

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