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Apr 19, 2018 | Lifestyle

  “There is a time and a place for everything.”

Who  am I you ask? I am a 28-year-old millennial, (seasoned queen bee) that has become more aware of her surroundings in our social realm. And I think some things need a little work. If I can help make a change for the better with my personal experiences, (positive and negative) then the exactly what I am going to try to do.


What is my blog about? Bitches etiquette is for all the “bitches” of the world. Since the word has many meanings, here we will be focusing on all things bitchy and etiquette related. Now I have my fair share of things to say about men also…but majority will be for women. Since I am a woman I feel this is the best area of expertise I can give.


Where? All online! You’ll find my content here on my personal blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. If you want to go even deeper I will be releasing a handbook in the near future that goes into great details about EVERYTHING! Also, if you would like a personal consultation on anything etiquette and image related you can look through that page coming soon.

 millennial girl

When? As of right now, I am uploading two blog posts per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of content…I just turn on DR. Phil (my fav) or any reality tv show and I have something to blog about. Every week you can check back in for your weekly insight.


Why? Well I think we are all on this planet with a particular talent and passion that can help the world. I believe that mine is meant for this. I think I have grown and been groomed in this section. For better or worse, these have been a lot of my life experiences. And in recent years I have noticed my passion for it since it has directly affected the people that I love and care about the most.

Blogger girl

“Without discipline and structure, we are just the same as any other animal species living in the wild doing whatever their natural body urges them to do.” 

How exactly am I going to make a positive change? For starters I am going to bring to light some very important and uncomfortable topics. I have a tendency to try and do this in a funny and light-hearted way, which can make the topic not so uncomfortable. Just bringing these topics to the surface will force people to really think about them, and form an opinion with justification.

When facing a problem, the first step is to recognize and accept there is a problem. Then examine why the problem might be there in the first place. Moving on to a way to make an improvement.

Then I am going to show you how to be different, to be better. I will show step by step examples to help you. SO that you can’t say “I don’t know how.” Now you might argue with me “that there isn’t a problem. Woman are doing great things!”  And YES! This is very true! The current woman’s movement its happening as we blog! I will NOT make my blog political, I will only say, that women with poise, purpose, and intelligence make the lasting impression earned with respect.

Some statistics and reasons to change:

  1. Divorce rate [1]
  2. Singles rate[2]
  3. Single mothers [3]
  4. Split families [4]
  5. Average amount of sexual partners[5]
  6. STDS rate [6]
  7. Anti-depressants increase [7]
  8. Infidelity rate[8]
  9. Domestic abuse rate[9]
  10. Un expected pregnancy rate[10]

These are some numbers that effect my loved ones and have showed me that Id like to help change those statistics any way that I can. We can all do better, beee better.



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[10] https://www.bgsu.edu/ncfmr/resources/data/family-profiles/guzzo-unintended-births-variation-social-dem-char-fp-17-09.html

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