Resting Bitch Face

Apr 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

How to manage your resting bitch face- RBF

If you happen to be one of the lucky few people naturally born with a resting bitch face there are a few things you need to think about in your daily life. Don’t worry…its nothing crazy or something to stress over. But it should be addressed because some of us forget, and wonder why we are seeing negativity in our social realm, when in fact it could be related to resting bitch face.

What is resting bitch face you ask? Well it is pretty self-explanatory. A person that is born with a naturally angry/aggressive face while being in a total resting position. Some of us are aware that we possess this feature, and others might not. With the new makeup trends, this face has been increasing with each new eyebrow products that comes on the market. (Which is totally fine! You’ll always catch me with my eyebrows on fleek.) We just need to be aware of this in all situations.

Why do we need too be talking about this topic?  Because there are too many resting bitch faces walking around. YES, it does affect the rest of us! And it’s affecting you too! Here are some quick examples:

  1. Girl with RBF out at the bar, “Why don’t guys ever come and talk to me?”
  2. Person at work with RBF, “I wonder why my co workers aren’t very nice to me?”
  3. Personal relationship with RBF, “Why are you so mad?” response “What? I’m not!”

If you are having dinner with your new boyfriend’s family for the first time (and you have RBF) the parents may think you didn’t like the meal, or aren’t enjoying their company as you chew your food. Small ways to make sure this doesn’t happen could be nodding during conversation, slightly grinning or raising eyebrows to show engagement. Nothing’s worse than sitting at the other end of the table just hanging out and your man leans over and says “is everything ok? You look mad.” What the heck…I’m not angry! This is just my face! These situations can be happening all around us and then we don’t even know what kind of energy or impression we are giving off to those around us.

  1. Be aware
  2. Use body language to off set RBF
  3. Smile often

The best rule of thumb, always be smiling. Not a huge smile, but enough of a smile that if someone see you, they smile back. Just your smile could brighten someone else’s day. Not only could you positively affect someone else, but you subconsciously will positively affect yourself. Just make sure to use a good anti-aging cream at night. We don’t want any wrinkles and Botox is too expensive. ?

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