What is Pretty?

Jun 6, 2018 | Beauty

As someone that has been to 10 different countries it is very interesting how different cultures find different things beautiful in a women. Fashion and beauty trends change every 5 years or so, but it always seems that America sets the standard of the most dramatic trends. I am also sick of seeing a new trend that comes up and girls jump on it even if it doesn’t make any sense. And if someone isn’t doing those trends it’s odd? Does that make her prettier? Or not as pretty? Let me break down what truly is pretty just in case you or someone you know has gotten cloudy on the idea.


  1. Most of the time the being pretty is really just being CLEAN! I don’t care if you are the prettiest person in the world, if you have dirty fingernails, food in your teeth, bad breath, greasy hair, or reek of body odor, all of your attractiveness will fade away into the haze cloud of your stench. (obviously if this is a one time thing such as Camping etc. we will forgive you.) Also, you do not need to use a lot of water to accomplish this task. Been there, done that! Click Here! You’re Welcome…
  2. Being healthy goes back to our animal instincts. In lions, the lioness wants to mate with the strongest healthiest male. Which is obviously to have the strongest genes in reproduction. Being strong and healthy is always an attractive feature for all species. It also shows discipline when it comes to your body. I’m all for self-love even if we gain some weight, but healthy will always be more attractive.

With most of the typical beauty trends, they are only trying to accentuate health. Think about it…

  • makeup foundation: Healthy clear skin
  • blush: blood flow to the face
  • mascara healthy full lashes
  • Wigs, weaves, extensions: full think healthy hair
  • Fashion: accentuate your best features
  1. Showing confidence, careful… not arrogance. When a male or woman is confident in who they are, it’s a beautiful thing. Its shows they know their place in this world. There is a fine line between confident and cocking (bitchy) so know the difference!
  2. Being Happy! Seems like such a simple thing. Happy people attract others. Mean people have a negative energy and will repel others. Think about it, why would someone want to hang out with a miserable person? Their misery will rub off into their life. Same thing happens with happy positive people. Their positive energy will rub off as well.
  3. To be able to appreciate something or someone in their Natural beautiful state is a wonderful. Such as a flower or sunset. Trying too hard to change something makes it artificially pretty. It just isn’t the same. Nature has a way of making beautiful things on it’s own. If it aint broke don’t fix it! Each any every person in the world is naturally beautiful whether the culture says so or not.
  4. The world is full of so many people. Our life can be seen as short and meaningless. For those that find a bigger purpose for their life is lovely. They know what they are trying to accomplish in their time on this planet, and they have a bigger focus. This is something extremely attractive.
  5. The most beautiful thing you can find in a male or female, is kindness. Showing kindness to other living beings shows so much about our character. If you can be anything new from this post, be kind. Try and show kindness to someone new in your life today. I promise, it will make you feel good!


Why does this even matter? Because people are rude and misguided. They put too much emphasis on the stupid superficial characteristics. Not everyone can help they way they were born. But all of the characteristics listed above EVERYONE can embrace to be “pretty, beautiful, attractive.” Most bitches do not have these qualities in mind…which means just being a bitch is NOT attractive, so we need to check ourselves at the door and remind ourselves of these beautiful qualities. Some of the most physically beautiful people I have met in my life, did not possess these qualities, which in turn, makes them nothing in my book. This is true for most people. Just remember… “people wont always remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”


p.s. These qualities are for all bitches, MEN and WOMEN, and all colors!




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